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Services and Products

Network Mangement and Custom solutions from ITS

Custom Solutions and full Network Management

At our core, ITS develops and deploys custom solutions for our customers. 


We can fully manage and maintain your existing IT infrastructure, enhance, and support your day-to-day operations.  From on-call technical support, your users are covered! 

ITS ERP Data Portal

The ITS ERP Data Portal is a customizable web application.  Pre developed modules are available and custom modules can be created to fit your unique requirements!

Inquire today to see how the ITS ERP Data portal can help you today!

ITS Premier Ticketing

"The first ticketing system designed 100% from scratch for the Sand Industry"

Designed at the core, the ITS Premier Ticketing Package is a decision engine that is focused on moving trucks quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible through your facility. Industry innovations, such as available lane load balancing directs trucks to the shortest line available with their requested product. This enables the load out staff to focus on their role, not

directing truck traffic.

Our focus is to enhance your ability to deliver quality in a fast - paced arena. We help accomplish this by implementing safeguards that virtually eliminate cross product contamination during load out.

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